David and Yuki's Wedding, December 16, 2002























Lindsay and Remi, Montana, June 2005


Noah, Montata, June 2005

















Guest who wishes to be anonymous, relaxing

in front of the Crazy Mountains,  Montana, June 2005


David and Yuki, Toronto, August 2005


Noan and Ryan, September, 2006


Noah, me and Ryan, December, 2008


Noah, Yuki and Ryam, December 2008


Magnolia Blossoms, my back yard, April, 2009


Ryan and Noah, September, 2009


Ryan, surffing TVO-kids, April 2010


Karen's Tulips May 2010 


     Meg's Tulips May 2010



Noah and Ryan May 2010




 Ryan and Noah December 2010




 Graduation June 18, 2012 University of Toronto Hon. BSc. (Physics), with Distinction