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Last update December 26, 2019 



I have been asked why "eternalchaos" ?  It's because when this site was set up originally, in 1995, "eternalchaos.com" was one of the few interesting astronomy-related URLs that were still available. 


Astronomy-related?  We know that the sun and earth are about 4.3 billion years old and that the universe is about 13.7 billion years old.  In about another six billion years, the sun will have expanded into a red giant and will have incinerated the earth. Hopefully, well before then, our civilization, if it hasn't already destroyed itself, will have been able to move somewhere else.  However, the universe seems to be expanding at an accelerating rate, all the while cooling down.  Eventually, according to one theory, all the stars will have exhausted their supplies of nuclear and gravitational energy. The sky will have become black. Pockets of life will have disappeared. Black holes will have all evaporated. Asymptotically the average temperature of the universe will have approached absolute zero, leading to its ultimate fate, "eternalchaos".  


Sounds gloomy, but there is so much to enjoy right now, in the eternal chaos of every-day life.  Go for it.


And while you're thinking about this, do take a look at the second quotation in the attached collection, and consider what life on earth might be like millions of years from now.